Research Pathfinders:
Algebra 1 - Rager (FUHS)
American Poet Research Project English 3 - Hebert (FUHS)
American Poet Research Project Page to Stage- Hebert (FUHS)
Autores hispánicos y latinoamericanos - Lawton (FUHS)
Beowulf, Heroes and Brit Lit (Enrico/SHHS)
Bee Research - Agricultural Science and Economics (Kuhns/FUHS)
Book Talks & Book Trailers November 2010 (Oestreich/FUHS)
Country Research - Palmisano (FUHS)
Decades - Lampman (SHHS)

Dictators - Shanebeck (FUHS)

Egyptian Mythology(Rich/THS)
English 1 - Mrs. Oestreich (FUHS)
English 2 Honors Reading List - Zubko (SHHS)
Environmental Issues Research - Culina (THS)
Environmental Issues Research - Weaver (THS)
Fahrenheit 451 Allusions (Zubko/SHHS)
French Revolution (Rich/THS)
GoAnimate for US History - Wilde
Good Earth (The) by Pearl S. Buck - Rich (THS)
Great Depression (Oestreich/FUHS)
Greek Mythology - Cannon (SHHS)
Greek Mythology - Hebert (FUHS)
Greek Mythology- Lutes (THS)
Greek Mythology - Weaver (THS)
Historical Person Project - Gieser (SHHS)
History (SHHS)
History Primary Source Material (Dickey, Nicholson, Robinson/THS)
i-Search College Prep - Blume (THS)
i-Search Troy Tech - Blume (THS)
IB 50 Excellent Extended Essays (Cheney/THS)
Literary Criticism (Snipes, Platt, Hinman, G. Hufferd /THS)
Literary Criticism Using One of 6 Theories for ORB (Lewis/THS)
Math Library Lesson (Allen/FUHS)
Math Resources
McCarty Period 2 - Fall 2010 (McCarty/SHHS)
Night Holocaust Unit (Oestreich/FUHS)
Nobel Prize Winners (Rosenkranz/SHHS)
Of Mice and Men - Fyne (SHHS)
Of Mice and Men Character Analysis - Oestreich (FUHS)
Outside Reading Book Presentations - G. Hufferd (THS)
Peace-makers - Alexander (FUHS)
Poetry Digital Fun - McCarty (SHHS)
Poetry and Poets - Flavell (THS)
Poetry and Poets - Rich (THS)
Poetry and Poets - Weaver (THS)
Romeo and Juliet - Wicker (FUHS)
Social Issues (A.Link, D. Madrid, M.Hinman, M. Culina, H.Molina) /THS)
Spanish 1 - Mi familia (Morales / SHHS)
Spanish Chapter Reviews - Morales (SHHS)
Special Education Civics - Lawson (THS)
Synthesis Research Project - Hollon (FUHS)
U.S. History Animation Videos - Wilde (SHHS)
U.S. History Research Papers (Lampman/SHHS)
Victorian England - McCarty (SHHS)
Xtranormal - Child Development (Jensen/THS)
Knowledge Building Centers:
Night Holocaust Unit
English 1 - Mrs. Oestreich
Cool Tech Tools
McCarty - English, Per. 2
Romeo and Juliet - Wicker
SHHS Poetry
Xtranormal - Child Development
Zooburst Books with Ms. Rager
Autores Hispanohablantes - Wiki
(espanol para hispanohablantes 2)
Autores Hispanohablantes - Livebinder
(espanol para hispanohablantes 2)
Autores Hispanohablantes - Livebinder
(espanol para hispanohablantes 3)
GoAnimate US History Videos