1-4-11: "Wow! This is like Facebook for school!" - Period 2 McCarty student (SHHS) on Edmodo.



"I love you!" - one of Mrs. Hufferd's students, after I demonstrated Zooburst.


Yea! :) Thanks Mrs. Slim

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  • Was it shmoop.com?
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Date: Wed, 6 Oct 2010 06:27:25 -0700
To: Marie Slim<sraslim@gmail.com>; <mslim@fjuhsd.net>
Subject: Library Resource

Hi Mrs. Slim! :)
Did you get a new email?
I was just wondering what was that website you recommended to us last year? It was like Sparknotes, but better, and you said they wanted partner with the library or something. I used it last year and they had really great study guides but I can't remember the name now.
Thank you!


...It is absolutely my pleasure to be able to help and I'm glad if it makes your job a little easier. I hope you realize what a huge impact you have on the kids and that the school knows what an amazing job you do. I'm so grateful to have such an extraordinary individual to inspire our kids.


Devi McConnell


Yes! All I need is a magic carpet to transport me on my adventure: One library a day to keep information ignorance at bay!

Dear Marie,
Thank you so much for the MLA folders that you delivered today. I only wish you could have heard the words of appreciation and kind comments that were said about you. Our job as English teachers is made easier because you are always there to help carry the load.

Thank you,